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California High School Class of 1978 - Guestbook

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Bill Herrera - 10-06-2017
I took the trivia quiz and missed 2. Not bad for an old-timer!  I do have a comment on 2 other questions. The varsity BB team won the Riverbank Tournament. Question one might be wrong, but I may be forgetting. Our first team played its' home games at the Pleasanton Fairgrounds, but it is possible we played the first game at Camp Parks .
This is a great website! Thanks for putting it together.
Jeffrey McDowell (Billings) - 06-04-2013
New phone number. 307-240-7395
Jonathan Cramer - 11-21-2010
Hi guys, cool website.
JJ McMullen - 05-05-2010
I attended California High one year, my sophomore year, but what great memories; spending time with friends at school, track, cross coountry, drivers ed, Day on the Green concert, Bay to Breakers. Been way too long - hope to reacquaint with all of you.
jeff billings - 12-31-2009
i would sure like to hear from some of you. also, i noticed larry fowler is shown as missing. if anyone knows how to reach him please pass that info on to me. thanks and god bless you all! HAPPY NEW YEAR
Kate (Schlemmer) Benicki - 07-03-2009
Just seein' who's around.  Looking to find a current email on Debbie Falce Beck. Hi to my old compadres.
Kate (class of '79)
Dodi McGonigle Who is looking for me I saw a goog - 04-10-2009
I miss my bro Danny, where are all the friends from Cal Hi? Drop a line or two and let me know whats cookin????
rich depew - 03-31-2009
just sitting at home working in need of a distraction and tried to find out about Cal High.  Great sight.  I moved soph year & ended up in IL.  Names still fresh after 30 years.
Chuck Cary - 01-09-2009
Great job on the website Pat. I love seeing all of our classmates smiling faces. Man life was certainly simple back then. I hope everyone is doing great out there, and any of you please e-mail me, and let me know what you are doing. It would be great to catch up. I am just hanging out in Florida with my wife and 3 kids.

By the way, groovy music on the site. I remember trying to do the Shuffle, the Robot, and all of those slow dances to that music at our dances. My kids just don't understand.

Well done pat.
Matt Dulick - 11-24-2008
Holly s#$%!!!

Just surfing the web and found this site.  GREAT to see the old pictures and some of the comments.  Live in St Louis now with fantastic wife and 4 kids.  Where is 30 year reunion for class of 79?.  Sandy LaBeaux.. salt and pepper baby!!!

Love to all of you - Matt Dulick
Mick Trunnell - 10-04-2008
A big HELLO to everyone from the Class of 1978. should be very proud of yourself and all the work you have done to get this WONDERFUL WEBPAGE posted.
I'm retired now, living up in Placerville, CA.  All is well here for me.
Hope you have a 30th reunion, if teachers can go please keep me posted.
The Class of 1978 has many wonderful memories for me, and since I moved up
here I don't run in to many of you anymore.
God Bless you ALL !!!
Ray Reposa - 09-25-2008
WOW! found this site looking up info on our 30th and found the great class of 78 I was the pesky freshman that looked up to all of ya! Everyone was very cool to me especially on the football and baseball fields. Still live in the valley(livermore) married now for 18 years with 2 beautifiul girls who attend Granada High! they play softball for the high school and it kills me when we go to cal-high and play, that the school is a powerhouse now!!Still have the grizzly pride. Great job on this web site pat you were always around and looking after the underclassmen keeping them in line
Best to you all!! you were all a big part of this freshmans life in a big school

Ray Reposa
class of 1981!!!!!!!!!!
jeff billings - 08-05-2008
My number has changed as I moved from Oregon to Wyoming. My new number is 307-840-4316. I hope everyone is well and welcome any contact from old friends.
Irene Hansen (Day) - 05-12-2008
Hi there, I just looked at some of the updated photo's and they are great!  THANKS PAT!  I will be coming CA in August 08.  My sisters, Linda, Julie and Carla...maybe you remember them...are planning a get together to see Chris Isaak and Bos Scaggs at Ironstone Vinyard for my 48th birthday! Whew, where did the time go.  I will try to put a picutre of us from this event on the site...since at least 3 of us were Cal High kids. We are hoping to move back to CA when my son graduates from High School next year.  To many bugs in this state of New Hampshire. Funny I noticed my picture is right next to Jay Wolfe's on the new photo's section we used to live across the street from each other in Danville for a few years. Where are you now Jay?  Hope to see some of you at the 30th.  Life is Good...just work, work, work as ususal.
James Curtiss - 03-24-2008
Went to this link tonight just wanted to say hello to alumni, and Great Job Pat on the Site.

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