California High School Class of 1978
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California High School Class of 1978 - In Memory of
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Forever young ... In memory of our classmates who have passed away. Let us not dwell on the circumstances of their passing, but celebrate how they touched our lives.

Please contact us if you have any photos.


Alex Bethune

I'm guessing that not everyone remembers Alex. He was part of our class for his Senior year after having moved from South Carolina. If you don't remember Alex, you missed a great guy. Although he was pretty quiet, Alex had a wonderful sense of humor and was both intelligent and kind. Alex passed away in 1984 in a car crash after having moved back to South Carolina. He is missed.

Donna Blume

Donna was a quiet, kind classmate with a beautiful smile. She was a great caring friend and was part of our class for all of our time at CHS. I spoke with her sister Nancy who informed me that Donna struggled with drugs and alcohol for most of her life. She succumbed to this use and sadly passed away in January of 2020 in San Jose, CA. She is missed.

Bill Buchman

Bill was a long-time resident of San Ramon and one of a number of students that spent his early school days at Country Club Elementary moving on to Los Meganos Jr High and finally Cal High. Bill was involved in a number of clubs and activities during his years at Cal High including AV and CB interests and was also heavily involved in the Seascouts. Bill passed away on November 28, 2013 while living in the Philippines. He is missed.

Ron Edgar

Ron was another quiet young man from our class. I remember he was part of a family ok kids that attended CHS and I also remember that he usually had a smile on his face. Ron decided to join the military after graduation and was stationed near Chernobyl at the time of the accident in 1986. Due to his proximity to that area, Ron contracted cancer and passed away in 1988. He is missed.

Larry Fowler

We only recently discovered (2021) that Larry passed away back in April of 1994 in Contra Costa County. Larry was a big goofy kid who loved sports and was on the wrestling squad and played football for all four years at CHS. My favorite story about Larry took place when we were Sophomores on the JV Football team. Larry was our center and had a habit of picking up the ball and spinning it to get the laces where he wanted them. One game, a referee warned him not to pick the ball up; he could spin it on the ground but picking it up would be a penalty. Of course immediately after the ref told him this, he picked up the ball and the flag was thrown. I remember thinking that our coaching staff was going to lose their minds! Still smile when I remember this. He is missed.

Tom Herring

Tom passed away on the Saturday evening of 06 JUNE in his home with his wife by his side. He was born at Oak Knoll Naval Hospital in Oakland CA on 15 SEP 1960. Graduated from California High School in San Ramon CA. where he spent most of his youth. Tom received an Associate's degree from Modesto Junior College in Criminal Justice. Along with being involved with his church, Tom was heavily involved in Scouting his entire adult life in both Sea Scouting where he was awarded the Silver Beaver Award as Executive Officer of the SES Phoenix in Dublin CA for 14 years. Tom went on to serve as a mate with the Sea Scout Ship Reliance in Stockton, CA. Tom also held the positions of Unit Commissioner, Asst. Commodore, Aquatics Committee Member for the Greater Yosemite Council of the Boy Scouts of America. Tom is survived by his Wife Sandra, His brother Tim and sister AnnMarie.

Linda Langford

Linda passed away suddenly on October 8, 2016. Linda was a Varsity Song Girl and went out of her way to make others feel good. She was a great student and friend to those who knew her. She is missed.

Corrin Maixner

I recently found out that Corrin passed away in 1996. I am waiting to get more details from her brother. Corrin was someone I remember very fondly as a beautiful, intelligent and fun young woman who never stopped laughing at life. She is missed.

Steve Matheny

Steve was yet another quiet classmate. He also came from a large family, several of whom were at CHS during our time there. After graduating, Steve moved back to Colorado. I remember Steve being into cars and also being part of the party crowd at CHS, and always ready with a laugh and a smile. Unfortunately, Steve passed away in an accident in Colorado in 1984. He is missed.

Dan McGonigle (Special thanks to Dodi McGonigle for sending photos of Dan)

As you likely have seen on the news page, unfortunately Dan was murdered in 2003. Dan was part of the CHS basketball team and also was voted 'Class Clown' which is probably how most of us remember him. Always messing around and quick with a joke and a laugh, Dan was a fun person to be around. He is missed.

Terri Olmo (Garner)

Terri passed away on February 10, 2017. He asked to make sure she is remembered in the memorial section of our 40th year reunion. We have sent our condolences and promised to include Terri. We obtained the following from Terri's family:  Born March 17, 1960 and a diabetic since age 11, Terri had many hospital visits and fought many diabetic challenges in her life. Through all of it, she remained upbeat and positive. Terri's love and passion for life was known to all. On June 18, 1998 Terri received a kidney and pancreas transplant. This gift afforded Terri over eighteen more years with us, which she put to good use as a proud volunteer to raise transplant awareness...and love. It all started with Donor Network West (formerly CTDN) and continued as Terri visited high school students and other organizations to raise awareness of the value and importance of organ eye and tissue donation. Terri was a member of TRIO, the treasurer of Team NorCal, a Transplant Games participant, and a huge cheerleader for all who attended. She believed in the importance of the Transplant Games. On February 10, 2017 Terri passed away due to a massive, inoperable stroke. Terri accomplished her most important desire, when she herself became a donor donating her corneas, bone, and tissue. Terri's generous spirit and zest for life will never be forgotten! Terri's ashes are interred at Lawncrest Memorial Park in Redding, CA in a beautiful, butterfly decorated urn. When you see a butterfly, send a special thought or prayer her way. She is missed.

Alexandra Proroczok (Reno)

Alex passed away from cancer on April 3, 2005. Alex was a big part of our class as both Senior Class Presidentand Class Valedictorian. She finished third in the National Merit Scholarship and received numerous scholarship awards. She originally attended UC San Diego before transferring to UC Berkeley in her freshman year. Ultimately, Alex became a labor and delivery nurse; first in Las Vegas and then in San Diego. Alex was part of one of the best unintended reunions when Kelly Dykes Gresh went into the hospital to deliver her baby. She looked up while in the delivery room and lo and behold, saw that Alex was her delivery nurse. Alex was always extremely hard working and dedicated. She is missed.

James (Jimmy) Taylor

Jim Taylor who graduated with us as part of the Class of '78 passed away on January 13 at his home in Forsyth, IL. Jim was only at CHS for his senior year but will be remembered as a classmate and friend. He was an avid Raiders and NASCAR fan. Jim is survived by his daughter, Krysta, and his family. He is missed.

Sarah Ware (Walters)

Sarah's sister Lori contacted me to let me know that Sarah passed away on December 21, 2020 of Congestive Heart Failure. Sarah was, along with Lori, on the cheer squad at CHS. She was not shy and her presence was always a positive one. After high school, Sarah became mother to eight children and proudly mentioned them in social media posts. She rarely did not have a big smile or a kind word to share. She is missed.

John Williamson

Sad to report that John Williamson passed away on 3/17/2019 after a long bout with cancer. John truly was one of the best of us. Always positive and a friend to everyone who knew him. Perhaps people's most vivid memory was his smile which always seemed to be there. John was a member of both the Football and Wrestling teams and went on to a full and successful career in education. He is survived by his wife Trisha and son Matt, both of whom were at his side when he passed. He is missed.

Tom Woodmansee (Special thanks to Sue Woodmansee for sending photos of Tom)

Tom passed away from cancer in 1988. Remembering Tom brings back the fact that he was an excellent athlete and our starting QB on the football team. After high school, Tom married and was the father of two. Tom was a handsome young man with a winning smile. I'm not sure he really liked school all that much, but I do know that he loved his friends and family. He is missed.

Becky York

Becky passed away unexpectedly on November 15, 2017 in Bountiful, Utah. Becky was a gifted musician and singer and just a sweet, kind person. She is survived by her daughter and grandson. She is missed.

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Corrin Maixner - CHS Class of 1978
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