California High School Class of 1978
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California High School Class of 1978 - Forums

Welcome to our discussion groups feature. If you or a group of classmates would like to start a separated discussion group you may submit a request by clicking on the contact administrator button.

Forum Name Description Topics Posts Last Post
Club: School Cafeteria The school cafeteria was never quite like this! For all of you who love to dabble in the culinary arts or just love to partake in a good meal....this online forum is for sharing and discussing your favorite recipes and other matters of culinary interest.

Additionally, I will use the recipes here as part of the 30th Reunion Book, to share with ALL of your classmates!
04-09-2003 12:34pm
Message Board Welcome to our main class message board where you can exchange messages with classmates and start discussions on whatever topics you like.
07-13-2009 01:48pm
Should teachers be invited to our reunion?  Some and not others?  Let us know your thoughts! There have been those that have made it known that they want to invite our former teachers to our reunions. Then there have been others that feel just as strongly the other way. Still another group wants to invite specific teachers, but not all.

We want to know your thoughts. Please take a few minutes to post your comments here. Ultimately, they will be taken into consideration when the invitations to the reunion go out. Thanks for your time!
04-08-2003 03:13am

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